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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  September 2, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: happy hump day. in the we are having a heat wave. the tropical heat wave. juliet: welcome to the heat juliet: welcome to the heat wave. you are happy about it and singing. just in time for your victory. mike has the forecast. ben: a deadly fire has killed three people, late-night fire in long branch, the latest coming up. juliet: day care fight club. you thought this world wasn't the mess already, two workers
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are fired after it was discovered they were having kids fight basically like a fight club and recording at and the einstein posted it on social media. ben: new york city getting ready for the visit by pope francis later this month. we will tell you about a special chair being made for the pontiff and new details about his trip through central park where you can see him and what you will need to. dave: 9 juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau, thank you for being with us. >> meteorologist: we have another one on our hands, high-temperature from yesterday,
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park, 90 in allentown, elsewhere high-temperatures in the 80s, 82 in belmar, 88 at newark, 86 in bridgeport, 83 was your high temperature in montauk, more or less the same conditions, air quality alerts for most of new jersey accent warren and sussex county, a 11:00 this morning to 11:00 in the evening and we expanded it out to the coastal sections of connecticut. a too will be under quality alert, high levels of ozone are expected this afternoon. 75 central park, 69 in bridgeport, 61 in poughkeepsie, monticello, mainly clear skies, the dew points are quite high again, a little lower than they were yesterday, slightly cooler drier air worked its way in but this time of year all little bit on the more humid side, 65 degree central park and bridgeport and 63 degrees
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but still mainly clear sky, very quiet start to the day, we will see sun shine once it gets up, sunrise time closer and closer to 6:30 said days are getting shorter. high-pressure keeping things quiet and pumping in more moisture into the tristate region but eventually we will have a week backdoor cold front coming into the area and it slips in from the north. that is happening later tomorrow especially tomorrow night into friday morning and as it passes by that will bring up your chance of showers but only slightly so doesn't look like any major relieve in terms of rainfall which is more than six inches but we will see a drop in temperature in a couple days. today we are on the hot side, high temperature 91 degrees, the next seven days of high of 92, it will be humid and that is the end of it, high temperatures in the lower ins for couple days.
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let's bring in ines and see what is happening with road and rail situation, still looking pretty quiet. ines: a couple things going on, some construction starting in new jersey, route 80, hackensack west bound, an accident in local lanes by 66 blocking two lanes, 4 rue way on the tappan zee bridge construction going on southbound, one lane closed by exit 11, construction everything fine westchester on the thruway across westchester, a little delay, yellow, not a big deal. let's look at the staten island expressway, constructions that i buy victory boulevard, traffic flow traveling eastbound, delays to the gospels bridge and west shore, no problems on the west side with downside. some repaving from overnight construction. no problems on the northbound side. trains on or close to schedule,
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street cleaning rules in effect. juliet: some sad news out of the jersey shore, three people i dead, one in critical condition after of fire swept through their home. ben: firefighters from that town and surrounding communities responded, tried to get inside for a rescue but the fire was too hot. monmouth county prosecutor's office investigating, there is no word what started the fire. juliet: this story is just disgusting. fighting between kids is not unusual but when it is initiated and pushed and encouraged by the people who are supposed to be watching them at a daycare center it is revolting. it happened at the new jersey daycare center. ben: those they care workers are out job and facing charges after being accused of forcing children to fight and they shared the video with friends. kerry drew has more on what went on in cranford, new jersey with
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>> reporter: two day care workers have been arrested and are facing child abuse charges. prosecutors say the urge young kids to fight and recorded it even using the phrase fight club. >> that is the most appalling reprehensible thing i have ever heard. >> reporter: parents and grandparents speaking out about what two former day care workers are accused of doing at light bridge academy they carry in cranford, new jersey. >> they should probably do some time. >> reporter: union county prosecutor says erica canny and janine white for children between 4 and 6 to fight on the playground. authorities say one of the day care workers recorded the fighting and shared it on snap chat. the prosecutor's office has the video showing a dozen kids shoving each other to the ground and trying to hit one another. in the video authorities say one of the workers even use the
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. >> if it is a 1-off event, my son wasn't interacting with the persons that were involved. >> reporter: this mother did not want to show her face and camera but says the day care downplayed the incident. >> i am shocked and disgusted because they told us about it but not like we are learning of it today. >> reporter: officials are defending the program saying this incident does not reflect its 18 year history. >> i am here to tell you laid ridge academy fully supports the prosecutor's office and the actions they have taken against these two former employees, we are thankful none of the children have been hurt in this incident. >> reporter: both of these day care workers are scheduled to be in court friday. if convicted they could spend five years behind bars. that is the latest from cranford, new jersey.
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juliet: one of wrestling's legendary stars, jimmy "superfly" snuka is charged with murder charge in from the case in 1983, his girlfriend, 23-year-old nancy argentino of brooklyn was found severely injured in a pennsylvania motel room. she died the next day. snuka who is now 72 was the sole person of interest for years but nothing happened until 2013 when an investigation by pennsylvania newspaper raised questions about the case. snuka's current wife says he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. ben: a prisoner who escaped from the nypd is back in custody and has been arraigned, 23-year-old tiffany newman is her name, caught yesterday morning. police station managed to slip out for handcuffs and walk out of new york presbyterian lower manhattan hospital sunday. she had been there because she claims she was pregnant. newman was originally arrested for theft. her new charges include grand larceny.
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be watching her had been suspended. she was the fourth person to escape nypd custody in the last couple months. juliet: two south jersey dads to got into a brawl during a softball game are getting a year's probation. the video of the fight between the two went viral. this couple intensified when they argued over why his team. both men were fined $100 for disorderly conduct and if they stay out of trouble for your charges will be expunged from their record. he did fare so well, did he? lovely. ben: this is a change from two guys fighting on the streets to the pope's visit, we are a few weeks from pope francis's visit to new york city. excitement is building. juliet: we are going to see a
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pope's mass at madison square garden. robert moses, has more from st. patrick's cathedral in midtown on the pope's visit. what do we know about this chair? >> we know that this chair reflects the personality of this pulp and that is humble and quite simple. st. half's will be the first stop on his new yorker. he will be here thursday evening sept. 24 for prayer service. been no the pope francis is i-man with a common touch. he will come face-to-face with thousands, tens of thousands of new yorkers from harlem to lower manhattan. never has a single chair been so share. it is the one on which pope francis will sit for his people mass at madison square garden september 25th. this morning to mcardle:will unveil it for the world to see
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at the world's most famous arena. the chair which carpenters built in westchester is simple, unadorned and tumble like the holy father himself. pope francis has sought to make the catholic church more inclusive and welcoming during his papacy and to that end the vatican announced from december of this year until november of next, referred to as a whole year of receipt priests will have the power to forgive what the church calls the, quote, sin of all abortions. the vatican is not changing its opposition to abortion but this is a significant step considering that before the announcement only bishops could grant forgiveness for abortion. >> this pope is recognizing that abortion for most women is a terrible decision and he is trying to reconcile them with the church as quickly as possible and to invite them to come back in. >> reporter: when the pope visits new york his motorcade will ride through central park before the mass at the garden. thousands are expected to line
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the roof to see the pope face-to-face. the city announced free tickets are required for that, you can apply for those tickets online or by calling 311 starting tomorrow through monday. only new york stage residents can apply for those tickets and up to two tickets president. you confined more information on our web site at as to how to apply and winners who presumably will be quite happy will be announced on september 10th. that is the latest from outside a stunning st. pact's. ben: much more to come on wednesday morning including new criteria for the next republican presidential debate. could it mean chris christie is out? juliet: and who would be in? might is keeping track of the forecast. >> meteorologist: the weather looks like what we had yesterday, lots of sunshine, hot
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>> meteorologist: it is wednesday, time for our word of the day. verbal. juliet: to speak in an excited manner. ben: we often refer bowl of around here. juliet: i am the queen of the verbal around here. ben: mike is excited when we get heat wave is. juliet: like u.s. st. bubble. there is a mean going around about the word verbal. juliet: 90 is what we hit. ben: not because i can't complain but a bit of a breeze, the sun is dropping. >> meteorologist: makes a
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difference, the uv index is only getting to 7 or 8 because of the sun angle, it that makes a difference in the intensity but it is a good sign that summer is coming to a close and we are in meteorological fall, the changeover to fall calendarwise is the eighteenth. here is what we have today, eat the average high, 66 the average low, 75 the current temperature we have right now, above normal temperature day year, sunrise 6:23, getting closer to 6:30, 72 and newark and belmar, clear sky on the tristate region, not much happening, high pressure in control, heat and humidity over southern states in the gulf of mexico folded up this way, no additional triggers to get going in terms of showers and storms for the next couple days so he
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weather players into tomorrow but later on thursday, a weak back door cold front will have some potential to give us the few quick showers or storms but doesn't look like a lot happening. it will drop temperatures. the boat and beach report water temperature 75 to 78, uv index up to 7 which is a high range but not very high like we had the majority of the summer. return risk not a problem today. we are heading to 91 for higher this afternoon, hot and humid, 92 your high tomorrow, still on the sticky side, storm chances coming through thursday into friday, look what it does to your temperatures, quite a bit of a drop, high drops to 82, same thing saturday, sunday monday, in the upper 80s, you have more hot temperatures next week too. be on seven days, 90 degrees
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let's bring in ines rosales. all we need is one more day. ines: let's talk about the commute this morning. on long island not much in suffolk county fight on the lie and setting state parkway new jersey checking in on 278 and 287 you are fine as well. let's look at your commute this morning, long island expressway no issues with boundaries bound on grand central parkway this morning. let's go to other camera shots traffic moving fine, no problems, trains on or close to schedule. >> chris christie has been using the state police helicopter for traveling to campaign events in his bid for president according to the travel reportedly including a flight for the governor's beach house which is an island
5:20 am
beach state park to a long island fund-raiser in the hamptons. as a spokesperson for the governor's campaign was built for the flight and it has already reimburse the state of new jersey. juliet: if you are donating to that campaign york money is going to the hamptons. the fight is on for who will get the last couple spots in the next republican presidential debate. ben: looks like a battle will be between chris christie and hewlett-packard chief executive carly fiorina. liz dahlem has more. they both could be in or not. >> reporter: it will get down to the wire. cnn decided to change the rules so carly fiorina could have something to her advantage. cnn has come out with a new set of rules for the debate that will give more weight to polls taken in the month at a first gop debate on august 6th. cnn says candidates who rank in the top-10 in upholding between august 6th and sept. tenth will be included. originally they were looking at
5:21 am
polls conducted between july 16th and september 10th so carly fiorina in courage cnn to make the change saying the old criteria would have unfairly excluded her after recent boost in national polls but to get this she has to knock out the current post in occupying 10 spot, chris christie. only the top six candidates, donald trump, ben carson, a former florida governor jeb bush, texas senator ted cruz and florida senator marco rubio and wisconsin governor scott walker are certain to make the cut. chris christie bernie madoff it to the main stage, he will, quote, go nuclear on stage this time around. the debate airs on cnn september 16th and the final roster won't be made until the tenth. vice president joe biden is headed to florida to headline a private fund-raiser event for senate democrats. this move comes as he thinks about his own run for president challenging democratic front runner hillary clinton. one of the main things holding
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whether his family will be ready to pursue a third presidential campaign only months after the death of his son. ben: i read he is going to be on the new late show with steven colbert. and some are speculating there will be details than. thank you. if you love mcdonald's breakfasts, who doesn't? get ready to have it called a long.
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juliet: cans of mcdonald's, the fast-food giant, offering breakfast, we are thrilled to find it is confirmed, going full throttle. ben: what is your favorite thing and mcdonald's breakfast? juliet: sausage and cheese
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they have done months of testing, customers, >> will the make service lore for everything else. you can have thought hot cake, at 11:00 at night. mcdonnell will -- october 6th. ben: i like the classic a gimmick muffin and the sausage mcmuffin. they are very good. juliet: 7 of levon offering delivery in man and. ben: your bringing items to your door, the financial district basically from 30th street down to the house on the street or
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technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: get ready for a hazy, hot and humid day, our heat wave could continue in september. mike woods has details in his forecast. ben: juliet: a disturbing situation at a new jersey day care center. basically of fight club type of thing. parents are not happy about this understandably.
5:29 am
homelessness in this city. juliet: there appears to be a love triangle brewing of. kermit the frog has a new squeeze, a passion tale. ben: it is another pig but it is not ms. piggy. juliet: server video surveillance was caught of a group meeting and you should see this. she is young. ben: dating down? juliet: don't know, very hot. ben: good morning, ben simmoneau, juliet huddy. maybe she was modeled after you. juliet: don't do that. >> meteorologist: where i'd go
5:30 am
i was going to call her a little charge tart . 59 in monticello, we don't have big with the challenges unless you are on the road in long island, visibility numbers coming down. we have visibility down 2.5 miles in islip, haiti dense fog takes you to one quarter of a mile or less, statement has been made. perhaps low clouds in the tristate region, clear skies, high pressure in control, lots of sunshine, almost a repeat of yesterday, southwesterly flow
5:31 am
and we will see another warm and sticky when, patchy fog in long island, temperatures at 34 degrees, 85 by noon and a high of 91 today, 89 for the ride home, it is very warm and sticky, storms not a problem, you see a high of 92, shower chance comes through late thursday into early friday, cooler temperatures coming along with that. if you need a break from the heat is coming that you. let's bring in ines rosales and see what we have on the commute
5:32 am
scarred and of higher. juliet: parents at a daycare center are infuriated, and they send their kids for fun and to be watched and cared for but instead they were basically thrown into fight clubs for little kids. ben: those skirmishs were instigated by two employees who have been fired. kerry drew is in cranford, new jersey with this story.
5:33 am
>> reporter: we are outside the light bridge academy this morning. the place opened at 7:00, we hope to talk to parents who may be dropping their kids out and hear what they had to say about this incident. two former employees have been arrested and facing child abuse charges. prosecutors urged kids to fight and a playground and recorded it. both take care workers, erica kenny and janine white have been fired. the union county prosecutor says these women forced a dozen kids between the ages of 4 and 6 to fight on the playground. authorities say they recorded a and shared the video on snack chad region of the authorities and one of the women use the phrase fight,. light bridge academy officials say it is was an isolated incident and does not reflect the culture of its the senior history. >> i am here to tell you light bridge academy supports the prosecutor's office and the actions they have taken against these two former employees.
5:34 am
children have been hurt in this incident. >> reporter: parents understandably very upset about this, both former day care workers are scheduled to be in court friday. if convicted they could spend the 5 years behind bars. this day care opens up at 7:00 this morning. we hope to talk to some parents and find out what they have to say about this incident. that is the latest in new jersey, back to you in studio. juliet: i heard one of the parents yesterday's, maybe it was this morning, say at least the light bridge academy got on it really fast and took action. ben: thank you, we are just weeks away from pope francis's visit to new york city. juliet: it is filled with excitement and anticipation. the trip includes a trip through central park and a special chair made by local carpenters, all about the chair. robert moses has more from st.
5:35 am
patrick's cathedral. >> reporter: good morning. if you had told me i would be doing a live shot focused largely on a chair i would say you are crazy but this is a significant share. by the way, st. pat's where we are this morning will be the first stop on pope francis's itinerary. he will be coming down fifth avenue and walking in those bronze doors exactly three weeks from tomorrow. never has a single chair been so heralded that this is no ordinary share. it is one on which pope francis will sit for his people massed at madison square garden september 25th. unveil it for the world to see at the world's most famous arena. the chair which carpenters built in westchester is simple, unadorned and tumble like the holy father himself. pope francis has sought to make a catholic church more inclusive and welcoming during his papacy and to that end the vatican announced from december of this
5:36 am
year until november of next, referred to as a whole year of receipt priests will have the power to forgive what the church calls the, quote, sin of abortion. the vatican is not changing its opposition to abortion but this is a significant step considering that before the announcement only bishops could grant forgiveness for abortion. >> this pope is recognizing that abortion for most women is a terrible decision and he is trying to reconcile them with the church as quickly as possible and to invite them to come back in. >> reporter: when the pope visits new york later this month his motorcade will ride through central park before the mass at the garden. thousand are expected to line the route so they can see the pope face-to-face. the city announced free tickets procession. you can apply for those tickets online or by calling 311 monday. new york residents can apply for
5:37 am
two tickets each for that central part procession. winners will be announced on september 10th. if you are interested in doing so you have all the information you need at as i sent it back to you if you have not been inside saying pat's since since the restoration you need to come on the check out, is absolutely stunning. juliet: thanks. ben: a small-time clerk in kentucky has a date with a federal judge after refusing to evesham marriage licenses to gay couples. she is now defying a u.s. supreme court ruling. >> under whose authority? ben: under god's authority. it is due to her question briefly she is refusing to issue a marriage licenses to any couple and has been sued by two
5:38 am
they couples and two straight couples. c-span most of the day barricaded in her office after a last-ditch request for delay was denied by the supreme court yesterday morning. reaction to her position is mixed. >> as a writer her beliefs but we are talking about the law now. this isn't about believe anymore. i believe too but i would not impose my believes on someone else's rights. >> christianity is not something we do, is who we are. we can't go against to we are. >> the new york times had extensive coverage of this. this encounter unfolded wednesday morning, the supreme court said a marriage is the law of the land a couple months ago, she is sworn to uphold the law but she is not doing it. she is refusing to resign. he can't be fired because she is an elected official. she will appear in federal court tomorrow, she faces steep fines, possible jail time as well if the judge finds her in contempt. juliet: a really interesting case. we will be keeping an eye on
5:39 am
thank you for confirming that. let's get to michael, good morning. happy hump day to you once again. good to hear from you. little witty, some people say sounds like nails on a chalkboard. >> meteorologist: i know. not everybody -- dave: not everyone is as infatuated as juliet. >> meteorologist: we have to keep happy the queen over here. here is what we have. we have once again air quality alert is going into affect for most everyone in new jersey 6 of warren and sussex county and coastal sections of connecticut, high levels of ozone will be a problem so you want to ease the activity for the elderly, very young, in the briefing issues you take it easy today, 75 current temperature central park, as far as fog is concerned we have some in long island, patchy dense fog, al east down to less than 1-quarter of a
5:40 am
mile, mainly clear sky, in the tristate. we will see patchy fog in the morning, hot and humid in the afternoon, high temperature 85 by midday and a high of 90 one later on today. storm chances pick up a bit late thursday into friday morning and will be done for a while, colder temperatures following up with highs in the ladys, weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store, headlines and alerts if anything severe is going on. all you have to do is click the buttons and have is that to you're a parent. i'm a colonel. we're both busy people. so pick up my new hand prepared $20 family fill up meal. eight pieces of original recipe chicken,
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and 4 biscuits. i'll get back to ya. (door squeaking)
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juliet: three people are dead and one hospitalized after a fire swept through a home last night in long branch, new jersey on the jersey shore. ben: bill deblasio speaking about this city's homeless problem. in a radio interview he said there are quality of life problems that will be addressed. juliet: president obama is one senate vote shy of being able to declare success on the iran nuclear deal. once supporters reach 34 votes
5:43 am
legislation aimed at blocking the deal. ben: duke castiglione, a baseball season, the pressures on. duke: yankees in boston last night, mark tiexiera out on his shin back to new york for more tests and this isn't good. it could be weeks before he is ready to joy play. another week to get ready. he is their best player. picking things up, yanks trailing, runners on second and third, stephen crew, new jersey native, left-center field, two runs, yanks lead two runs and in the top, brad gardner the most underrated player in baseball when you consider how much he makes and everything else. solo home run, yanks a 3-1 in yanks win 3-one, that is your
5:44 am
won last night and a game and a half behind first-place toronto, a city field, and that's entities mets trailing 672, 6-4. you want to test this. he has great power. 27th of the year, two run homer in the phillies' lead 6-4 but in the top of the fifth, bobby cartel, neck injury, tommy john surgery, may be a loss of confidence too, walked down, throws it away, run score 7-4 philly, they win 14-a the final score, the mets get some help, at 6-happy games in front of the washington nationals, the cardinals brandon maas hit a walk off, three run homer, nightmare season, they spend all
5:45 am
is gone, a-5, the mets' magic number is 25. >> can we call them the montreal exposs again? duke: second round starts today with both number-1 seeds, serena williams will face kiki britain and on thes side, novak djokovic will face and react to our. the first round in a matchup at u.s. of the no. 3 seed and the mary, 18 aces 11 of 14 break points putting together a 7-5-673-6-1 win overnight, playing in the second round. french open champion stan reman. duke: he wears a red t-shirt to announce that. when you win the french open you can wear a t-shirt like that. he reached the second round of the other yesterday with
5:46 am
75-6-4-7-6 win, and the second set cruising, hits it wide, match point into the net, 6-2-6-love. that is a look at sports. stan the man. duke: i love that the nets are crumbling. ben: the need 25 wins or 25 losses. duke: it is a combination. magic number is a combination. juliet: she was dating rory mcelroy, the golfer and now may be with j.j. what the took a picture with derek jeter the baseball player. tried to get the full story. ben: nobody cares. juliet: i like her style. some people do. come to me. ben: she is a great tennis player. that is what matters. the new york city marathon last year.
5:47 am
juliet: she is pretty perfect. >> meteorologist: interesting. ben: you might need attention. >> meteorologist: not really. someone is taking something else, derek jeter too. i got it. here is what we have. some fog out there, pretty much the same we had yesterday and, also fog in long island especially out east coming through the lie, 66 degrees in islip, 71 in montauk, no patchy, dense fog advisory but patchy dense fog is what we have. dew points in the mid 60s, sticky but not uncomfortable range, looks very much like what we had yesterday. here is a quick check of reporting stations as far as fog is concerned is the worst b.c. is two miles, there has been patchy fog in suffolk county in particular. we have mainly clear sky above that. looks like another day of
5:48 am
temperatures in the tristate, warm southerly flow heads write to us those southerly southwesterly flow brings in the heat and humidity and there is not a lot happening in terms of pushing up the air and fire of showers and storms, not much will come to us today so look for a mix of clouds and sun. tomorrow, early in tomorrow, later in the day, week backdoor cold front, clouds thicken up, late thursday into friday morning and there could be a few showers passing by at that time as well. today your high temperature goes up to 91 degrees but it feels hotter than that and high-quality alert in the tristate primarily new jersey, 92 for high and there it is, scattered showers and storms trying to pot room here as we go from thursday into friday, the holiday weekend, quite warm,
5:49 am
there is the finish line, if you can't hold it through, he has been pretty good, but he knows the map. juliet: he did. >> meteorologist: altered a little bit. juliet: we let him go. >> meteorologist: let's see what is going on for the commute this morning, things are picking up. greg: 5 problems with long island railroad. if you're traveling in westchester, tractor-trailer misplaced northbound, one lane closed, you are flying in new jersey on 287. let's take a look at staten island expressway over by victory boulevard traffic flow eastbound construction in the area causing delays to the west shore and long island railroad some signal problems in the east river so you have limited service west down to jamaica, east bound service suspended, your alternate heading eastbound
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5:53 am
when he became the first african-american actor and yet this person ever to play the lead role in les misterables on broadway. friday will mark the 1-year anniversary of the river's death. she enters an scattered ashes during the annual trip to wyoming last month, the first trip without joan and she said the scattered dashes and they could be together every august of the family. she plans to mark the anniversary by having the normal date lighting a candle and having a blind. we are getting our first look at who may be kermit the frog's new girlfriend. people magazine is the first outlet to publish the picture, less than a month since they announced they were splitting up after four decades together. and at twitter pose less might turn it is denying the new relationship. dermott is working on up late
5:54 am
with miss piggy which was documented on the upcoming nbc series the muppets. club miley cyrus show continues with a stint on as an el as a musical guests. the miley cyrus show continues with a stint on as an el as a musical guests. anna: she wrapped up her stint hosting the video music awards, she performed her new single to do it from the album miley cyrus, not her best. other hosts for the month of october includes kenny schumer and tracy morgan, first public comedic appearance since june of 2014 car accident. ben: thank you very much, much more to come, a couple minutes away from 6:00. juliet: coming got, donald trump's top rivals for republican presidential nomination goes on the attack.
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